Sunday, August 9, 2009


This is Michal...I love him...always have & always will...Michal doesn't love me though...I don't think he ever did...and I don't think he ever will...I wish he would though...I'm grasping at straws and quickly running out of air...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Leave Perez Alone!!

So sure Perez Hilton fucked up and should've kept his big gossip girl mouth shut and walked away from Will.I.Am, but he didn't and oops what happened? He got his face punched in. Well boys and girls let's learn a lesson today, violence is not the answer. Also, why is Perez the only one getting shit on by the press, fellow celebs and the rest of the world? Will.I.Am and his manager didn't act any better but retaliating harsh words with physical violence! Epic fucking fail boys! Here are some of the things Perez' so called "friends" have been twittering...

officialTilaPlease retweet: just signed petition 'Remove Perez Hilton as Teen Choice 2009 Nominee

I nominate Chris Crocker to do a "Leave Perez Alone!!" video =)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Jon MINUS Kate Plus 8!? haha

Epic fucking fail Jon! Why the fuck would you cheat on your wife? Yeah she can be a cunt but aren't all women? Get over it. & even though this is publicity for your family & show, think of your damn kids dude...and trust me a stupid fight resulting in Kate sleeping at her mother's would suffice, now you're children will see you for the scum bag whore you really got the cover of tabloids though! Go you! Celeb rehab next?

Fuckin' Guidos!!!!!!!!!

There is NOTHING sexy about a Guido, NOTHING!! & LOL @ the webbed hands you freak of nature :)

Preview of "Take it & Go"

Hahaha Ok I swear the following episodes will be better...this was just a random capture but it fuckin' made me laff...this is my sister :)

"Fergie You're FUGLY, Bitch!" - Perez Hilton

Yes? No? haha She was cute back in the day, I thinkm before all the injections. Or maybe CarrotTop & Fergie are one? *haha* P of D OUT Bitches <3>

Perez Hilton VS Will.I.Am

Ferreal!!?? The fuck was that about? Not cool boys, not cool! Don't fuck around on my turf! haha So seriously, what the hell would you do? Regardless of the words spoken by Perez was it right for Will.I.Am or anyone else to fuck up Mr. Hilton's pretty face? YOU tell me! <-- Doesn't this remind you guys of a Chris Crocker production? lol But yeah like personally no matter what Perez DON'T fucking hit someone dude!! Oh & @ 2:40 WTF man if you like writing about other people's drama don't expect NOT to have any in your with it :) Psha! P of D Out <3>